Shelbyville man shatters window and threatens to kill couple for cutting him off

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SHELBYVILLE, Ind.- A Shelbyville man is arrested for a road rage incident. Police say 26-year-old Bradley Walton became irate after a couple in their 60’s allegedly cut him off.

On Monday afternoon, Linda Fox and her husband were driving home on State Road 44.  Fox says when her husband changed lanes the two started hearing honking from Walton.

“It was just totally freaky. It was bizarre. It was like somebody jumped off a cliff from daylight to dark,” explains Linda Fox, victim.

The couple told police when they got to a stoplight, Walton got out of his truck and things escalated.

“Next thing you know this man jumps out of his truck runs around starts cussing. He’s called everybody in Shelbyville names, ‘we ought to be dead, none of us are smart enough to drive,’” explains Fox.

According to the police report, Walton told the Fox’s ‘I’m going to (expletive) kill you and all you Shelbyville drivers need to die!’

“The 4-letter words he used I won’t repeat here,” explains Fox.

Walton then allegedly punched the driver’s side window, shattering it.

“He scared the hell out of me,” explains Linda Fox, a victim.

Police say Walton’s fiancée and a 1-year-old baby were in his truck at the time of the incident.

“Road rage is a very serious incident and this is a prime example where people need to keep their emotions in control especially when driving because bad things can happen,” explains Ed Zych, Shelby County Deputy Prosecutor.

Walton is facing a long list of charges including intimidation, resisting law enforcement, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

“I think he’s lucky that it wasn’t someone else who would’ve shot him, or got out and beat him,” explains Fox.

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