Shigellosis on the rise in Marion County

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INDIANAPOLIS,Ind (June 18, 2014)–It causes fever, diarrhea and even vomiting. It’s a disease on the rise here in Marion County.

It’s most commonly found in children, and leaders with the Marion County Health Department want you to know how to prevent the spread of Shigellosis.

“We are seeing this in young children here in Marion County as of today we have 175 confirmed cases,” said Melissa McMasters, Marion County Health Department.

That number is up from just 34 one year ago. It spreads when people do a poor job of washing their hands after using the bathroom.

Stopping the spread of germs is a full-time job for nursery school teacher Nina Woodbury.

“After they get their diapers changed or go to the potty– all day long they are washing their hands,” said Woodbury

Woodbury says she knows how quickly germs spread amongst children, which is why she is adamant on proper hygiene.

“As much as we emphasize the safe hand washing and all of those things children at this age still explore everything with their mouth,” said Woodbury.

McMasters says public pools are also a breeding ground for the disease to spread.

“We mention pools because obviously if a child is sick and has diarrhea they don’t belong in a pool,” said McMasters.

If your child is sick, The Marion County Health Department wants you to get an antibiotic and wait for the symptoms to go away before sending your kid back to daycare or even the pool.

The best prevention is proper and frequent hand washing.

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