Shoppers flocked to stores day after Christmas

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INDIANAPOLIS – The day after Christmas is considered a busy shopping day.
Castleton Square Mall opened 3 hours earlier than usual. They close at 9 p.m.
There are three reasons people go to the mall the day after Christmas. People go to shop, return a present or exchange a gift.
“We had some things we needed to exchange and we wanted to buy some (other) stuff,” Kevin Wells said.
Before people return or exchange a gift, they should take their gift receipt. They should also be familiar with the policy of the store. Every store is different.
The National Retail Federation indicates many companies have started changing their return policy to try to cut back on fraud because, they said, there was an increase of it.
“I’m just here shopping. I don’t have anything to return, but it’s always fun to come the day after Christmas. So then if you didn’t get something that you wanted, you can come and get (it) yourself,” Taeler Bennett said.
Some shoppers said they liked going to mall on Dec. 26 because they wanted to take advantage of whatever deals stores were offering. Megan Williams and her sister, Taeler Bennett, wanted to spend their gift cards.
“I have my Victoria’s Secret and then these you can spend anywhere. So, they’re Visa gift-cards,” Bennett said.
Last year, the mall was not open the day after Christmas because it snowed. This year, it was sunny.
Shopper Tim Mankin said he believes he is done shopping for a while.
“(This is) probably about it for the season. I think we did a pretty good job. I may look and see maybe a week later (if) some sales are still out there, when it(‘s) not quite as crowded,” Tim Mankin said.

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