Silt threatens Geist Reservoir’s water capacity

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One of Central Indiana’s biggest sources for drinking water is losing capacity. Geist Reservoir is about 70 years old and it’s getting shallower every year.

Over time, silt from fall creek has made its way to the base of Geist, which means less space for water.

Now, the lake’s owner is looking at dredging the reservoir to help solve the problem.

“We know that dredging parts of the reservoir will be necessary. And right now, we’re doing a study to determine the feasibility of that, where are the best places to dredge and how much it will cost,” said Dan Considine, Citizens Energy Spokesman.

People who live nearby have also been complaining about too much algae.

Citizens Energy says it’s really a cosmetic issue and doesn’t affect the water quality.

The extra algae are caused by phosphorus from lawn fertilizers.

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