Simulation grenades found at Bloomington gas station

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are investigating after a simulation grenade was found at a Bloomington gas station.

“It’s scary. It is scary because it could’ve gone off,” said employee Amanda McConnell.

Employees at the Circle S Mart on Bloomfield Road are slightly shaken up over the discovery of the live military simulation grenade.

“Well, we had an employee out here raking leaves. I guess he was raking leaves out of the bushes over there,” said McConnell.

That’s when McConnell says the employee discovered the device. But it was not the first time.

“The first time was about two weeks ago. An employee on the second shift found it. And I don’t know how he found that one,” she said.

After contacting deputies, the sheriff’s office called an explosive device team to remove the devices.

“We do not believe it’s targeted,” said Sgt. Nathan Williamson.

Sgt. Williamson believes the second grenade was placed at the same time as the first.

“We don’t know where it actually came from other than it was an explosive device it was possible military,” he said.

But he adds there is no indication that the device came from the Crane military base nearby. Nor do they believe this gas station was targeted, but Williamson says it could’ve caused some damage.

“It could cause some injury possibly internal or some outside injuries to the hands and things like that,” said Sgt. Williamson.

Right now the sheriff’s office is working with ATF to review surveillance and check out those devices. In the meantime, employees are hoping they stay safe.

“Oh I don’t want to see it again,” said McConnell.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

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