Sister giving brother kidney for Christmas


Photo courtesy of WWLTV

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NEW ORLEANS, LA (December 17, 2014) – A Christmas gift seven years in the making – one woman in New Orleans is giving her brother a kidney for Christmas.

According WWLTV, Dramar Saul began having health problems 12 years ago at the young age of 25. High blood pressure slowly stole his kidney function, and in 2007 Dramar was put on the waiting list for a kidney.

Dramar’s sister Reshonn Saul was willing to donate her kidney when he was first put on the list, but she had just had a baby.

Their uncle was kind enough to donate his kidney, but unfortunately just eight months later Dramar’s body rejected it. Since the rejection, Dramar has been on fatiguing dialysis.

Recently though, Reshonn decided that she would take a shot at giving her brother a kidney. Reshonn felt like this was something God was calling her to do, and the siblings have no doubt it will be a success.

Dramar told WWLTV, “I didn’t have a doubt in my mind it wasn’t a match.”

The surgery is Tuesday morning at Tulane Medical Center.

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