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KOKOMO, Ind. – The sister and mother of slain officer Deputy Carl Koontz are recovering after they were attacked in the Howard County Courthouse.

Alice Koontz, 27, was at the courthouse today with her mother Jackie Koontz, 54, for a paternity hearing when the sheriff’s office says they were approached by Bryson Small, 36.

Witnesses say he was walking toward Alice and Jackie when he attacked them. He knocked both of them to the floor, and hit them several times, according to the sheriff’s office.

Both Alice and Jackie suffered facial and head injuries, and Alice was knocked unconscious. Jackie was treated and released.  At last check, Alice is still in an Indianapolis hospital.

Sheriff Steve Rogers says he was at the courthouse when the incident happened, about 50-60 feet away. He added that the victims’ injuries could have been more severe if bystanders had not stepped in to help.

“I really commend the actions of some citizens as well as a couple of attorneys, in a matter of a couple seconds they were involved to protect these ladies,” explains Steven Rogers, Howard County Sheriff.

According to the sheriff, there is video of the attack and he called it “chilling.” It’s being considered evidence and hasn’t been released at this time.

Sheriff Rogers acknowledged criticism surrounding the county’s new emergency radio systems which has experienced problems in the past.  Sheriff Rogers assures there were no issues with this system in this incident.

“It was fourteen seconds before the first security officer got there and then in a matter of a few more seconds there were several other officers there,” explains Sheriff Rogers.

Small was booked on felony assault charges in the Howard County Jail. He is  being held without bond.