Six puppies rescued from abandoned Indianapolis home

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 20, 2015) — A stranger came to the rescue for five puppies and their mom.  The dogs were left at an abandoned home on the city’s near west side.

Christopher Pindell lives a few houses down from the boarded up home.  “(There are) a lot of strays around here but this one stuck around so I started feeding it and noticed three of the dogs in the backyard, little puppies,” explains Christopher Pindell, the good Samaritan who called for help.

Pindell says the three dogs had been there for about a week.  Once he started hearing the sound of a puppy whimpering, that’s when he called for help.

“My heart just dropped.  It’s like a moment you just don’t know what to do,” explains Pindell.

Saturday afternoon Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) showed up to the home. They trapped the mom first, and she didn’t show any signs of aggression when approached in the trap. They proceeded to trap the pups with no problems.

What Pindell thought was three dogs, ended up being six.  Two dogs were inside the home and one was trapped six feet down in a well.  An animal control officer used a pole with a rope on the end of it to bring the puppy up to safety.

“I’m surprised he survived as long as he did,” explains Darcie Kurtz, with FIDO.

FIDO and animal control officers aren’t sure exactly how long the puppies had been left alone or how they even got there in the first place.

“So much of the time people just aren’t careful.  They lose their dogs and never find them or there are some people that do abandoned them.  It’s hard to say,” explains Kurtz.

All five of the puppies and their mom are healthy, just hungry, a little shy and very lucky.

“I know what I did might make a difference in the six puppies’ lives.  It was good,” says Pindell.

The only puppy that has a name is the one that was stuck in the well.  Volunteers named him Timmy.

The puppies and their mom should be up for adoption in the next month.  If you’re interested call Southside Animal Shelter.

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