Slick roads cause problems across central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Today’s wintry mix caused several problems throughout central Indiana. Multiple wrecks caused major backups on the interstate, despite INDOT having 200 trucks out treating the roads.

They plan to to have a partial crew out overnight and in the morning treating slick spots.

Indianapolis DPW  plans to have 40 trucks out to make sure the morning commute is a breeze. Since the snow started falling this afternoon INDOT’s Traffic Management center reported close to 20 crashes that caused backups.

“Everybody was trying to get over and get around somebody. They even drove in the emergency lane to get around,” Indiana resident Jeri Woodson said.

Jeri Woodson was stuck on I-70 for at least an hour after a multi-car pileup closed a portion of the north split.

“One man even forced me into the lane and I was like it was time for me to get off the highway, so I just got off and took the entire ride home on the street,” Woodson said.

It’s not the winter mess drivers fear the most; it’s their fellow Hoosiers on the road with them.

“People can’t drive, you know you got to watch out for them,” Indiana resident Renaldo Thompson said.

“I’m not really worried too much about the weather it’s the people who doesn’t know how to drive in it is the problem to me,” Woodson said.

Drivers will need to be on the lookout through the night and morning as single digit wind chills move in. Untreated roads will be slick across central Indiana.

“It’s a little scary because you know it looks fine then all of a sudden it’s frozen,” Indiana resident Wendy Lo said.

Hoosiers know Snow Miser’s tricks are something you deal with in Indiana, while others patiently wait for Heat Miser to make an appearance.

“It’s almost spring time. Snow go away!” Thompson said.

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