Churning overhead for at least another full day is a low pressure and it will send frequent downpours through central Indiana before departing early Saturday.


There have been ONLY nine days rain or snow-free officially in Indianapolis since April 1st. Today was clearly not one of them. Spring 2022 ( Since March 1st) stands at 9.97″ of precipitation and remarkably only 1.14″ above normal.

Rainfall Thursday reached nearly a quarter-inch and still we are still adding on after 5pm. There are breaks are coming through evening with larger gaps of rain-free weather developing southwest of Indianapolis late afternoon and early evening. The rainfall coverage will lower to under 30% by midnight only to surge again pre-dawn Friday.

Friday will be a soggy one with on again, off again rain – breaking for a few hours late morning only to return again early afternoon. After the early morning downpours new showers and even a few embedded storms are to surge north as the center of low pressure nears late day. While we will be nearing the “warm” sector of the storm, temperatures are likely once again to remain rain-cooled along with a brisk east-southeast wind. We put the peak rainfall coverage of 80% around early afternoon then sharply lowering after 10pm.

Rain is due to end despite likely linger showers early Saturday for the mini-marathon as the low pressure departs early Saturday morning. Brighter skies are coming soon! A MASSIVE overhaul in the upper-air pattern is coming and it features a strong warm surge next week along with an extended spell of sunny/dry weather! COULD be a week long rain-free spell! Stay tuned!