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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 26, 2015)– A new state law is being met with mixed reviews. Indiana lawmakers have approved a measure that gives faster drivers the right of way in the left lane on the highway. If you’re doing the speed limit in the left lane and don’t let a faster driver pass, you could get a $500 ticket even if you’re the one obeying the law.

Some drivers say this law is long overdue.

“I wish I had a big spotlight to say it’s a passing lane, not a fast lane, it’s a passing lane. So I hope that people heed to it and it helps with the flow of traffic,” said driver Buddy Finchum.

Some Hoosiers don’t find it fair that they could get a ticket for actually obeying the law while speeders get away.

“Seems kind of strange that if you’re going the speed limit you’re going to be the one to get the ticket,” said Joe Shroyer.

The left lane is commonly referred to as the fast lane, but some drivers who do follow the speed limit say this new law is dangerous.

“That’s a little troublesome for me and I probably would get a ticket because I do like to drive the speed limit in the lane I need to end up in so yeah, that’s going to be a little worrisome for me,” said Rachel Smith.

We took this new law to the pros–a driving instructor with Drive Zone. Roscoe Jenkins is on board and says the law will reduce aggressive driving.

“Less occasions of some drivers that might get a little upset because of slower drivers on the road so we’ll actually keep that from happening more often,” said Jenkins.

The new law does not apply during severe weather situations and traffic jams.