Small business owners finally paid for work done last year at two apartment complexes


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Two small business owners received a much-needed boost after they spent months trying to get invoices paid.

Aaron Braxton, owner of AB3 Carpet Cleaning and Services, and Eli Zarfati, owner of EZ Computers, both did work at Addison Creek and Lexington Park apartments last year. When they tried to collect on their invoices, no one ever paid the bill.

“If you’re happy with my work and everything that I’m doing, then why not pay?” Braxton said.

“It’s been hard, you know. You’re giving your best, you’re working, you expect someone to pay you back for your work,” Zarfati said.

TEH Realty, an out-of-state company, owns both apartment complexes. FOX59 began looking into the company last year after hearing complaints about conditions at the two properties.

Braxton and Zarfati said that turnover in staff at the properties made it difficult to figure out who could pay their outstanding bills and despite sending invoices multiple times to different email addresses, they hadn’t heard anything for months.

FOX59 tracked down a new, local company, M2 Property Group, which took over management of the properties for TEH Realty at the beginning of the year.

M2 Property Group’s Director of Operations said the company was paying outstanding invoices and directed Braxton and Zarfati to contact him. Both owners said that the company was responsive and quickly moved to pay their invoices.

“I was surprised, I was pleased. I thanked the gentleman several times,” Braxton said.

“Because of what (FOX59) did, I was able to get my money back,” Zarfati said.

Zarfati and Braxton both said that in the current small business climate, getting paid for work they had written off came at a much-needed time.

“Especially with things going on the way they are, that is definitely a boost for me and my company,” Braxton said.

“It’s really nice to know that I could get the money and that will help me to move forward,” Zarfati said.

M2 Property Group said it is paying all outstanding invoices to vendors and doing work at the two apartment complexes. All of the court cases filed by the Marion County Health Department at Addison Creek last year have been dismissed after repairs were made.

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