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INDIANAPOLIS — Local businesses are hoping to make up for lost time and revenue this weekend.

Small Business Saturday is a nationwide push, known to draw in billions of dollars over the years, and puts the spotlight on mom-and-pop shops.

“I love the underdog,” said 28Boutique owner Angel Hicks.

For the last 10 years, Hick has dedicated her business to helping all women look and feel their best. Her boutique carries of variety of options, from clothes to accessories, for women of all sizes.

“People like to come in and have an experience with me,” Hicks said.

Thanks to the pandemic, parts of the experience has changed. Hicks says foot traffic slowed, which is how she services most of her clients, but it’s starting to pick back up.

However, challenges still linger as business owners continue to battle ongoing supply chain disruptions, like shipping delays. It’s a headache for many, including Hicks, who does business across the country.

“The price has went up. It’s taking a little bit more time to get here,” said Hicks. “It puts the delay on me posting new pieces because I don’t have my product yet.”

“Just last week, I had a package that was rerouted like three times,” she added. “At least my shipping agents are very informative, saying ‘Hey, we’re a little backed up. We’re coming, just give us a little bit more time.’”

Tina Word started T. Marie Candle Co. nearly a year ago.

“Many companies, they dealt with shortages and delayed shipping. So I tried to get most of my products locally,” she said.

Word offers selections of handmade soy wax candles, melts and room sprays. While this is her first holiday as a business owner, she says she’s been researching and finding ways to stay supplied.

“Most of my shipping items I get from a local shipping company here that’s located downtown in Indianapolis,” she said. “I don’t really have to cut into shipping costs, and I don’t have to wait for my items to be delivered.”

Also working with suppliers in different locations, Word says she tries to stock up as much as possible along with making smaller batches of certain items to maintain inventory.

“Some of my vessels always go out of stock, and they’re on backorder for two or three months at a time,” she said. “So when I have certain vessels in, I only make a certain number of candles in certain scents. That way, if I have one scent that sells out, I have vessels on hand to continue to make those scents. Because some scents don’t sell as well as others.”

Despite the challenges, Word and Hicks are optimistic about the holiday season.

“A lot of people were at home, and that’s not usually their tradition. They want to go to church. They want to go out, even just dinner. So my intentions are for things to be well in my business,” said Hicks.

“I know many small businesses were birthed through the pandemic, and I know that people love supporting small businesses. So I feel that this year, this holiday season, I think I’ll do great,” said Word.