Small tornado leaves big cleanup near Princes Lakes

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Cleanup continues tonight for storm victims in Johnson County.

A small tornado touched down over the weekend near the Princes Lakes area just west of Edinburgh.

Getting out on the water, Lori Brower has a unique view of her neighbors damage.

As a lake patrol officer, Lori says the area of Princes Lakes has had its share of hardships, including not having enough water for several years.

“Our area has taken it hard. We had the flood in 2008 and the lake was empty for 5 years. This is only our 3rd season back,” said Brower.

Lori spends most of her time cleaning debris from the lake.

A job that got a lot tougher with hundreds of trees knocked down around the lakes.

“I do nothing but clean up the lake, but Mother Nature had other plans,” said Brower.

From Lori’s boat, you can see the back of one house also got torn apart by the small twister.

That home belonged to Debbie Gill.

“It almost looks like the sunroom exploded is what it looks like,” said Gill.

With her power lines torn down, Debbie has remained in the dark, but has kept a bright outlook on the situation.

“I get a new sunroom,” said Gill. “I could sit around and cry but it wouldn’t do any good to cry.”

Lori on the other hand will spend her time worrying about tree limbs hidden under the water’s surface.

“As a safety officer I’m sweating bullets. Debris is a giant danger,” said Gill.

Despite the widespread damage, there are no reports of injuries in that area.

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