Smartphones could bring next generation of Hoosier kids’ jobs

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INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a movement underway in central Indiana that could give the next generation of Hoosiers new jobs that tie into their obsession with technology.

Indiana’s tech sector is one of the hottest new sectors of the state’s economy.

Dive into that tech sector and you’ll find a lot of entrepreneurs, developers and investors talking and bouncing ideas off each other at events.

“Everyone wants to be a part of it and help each other. It’s just a great community,” developer Shawn Schwegman said.

Schwegman is the latest example of what all that talk is doing for Hoosiers. This month, he’s launching the new app Gusto.

Gusto is an email app for your phone that puts together all of your email accounts, photos and files in one place. It boasts a way to find and attach files to email without having to search multiple places.

The app is part of a larger trend, too. More and more tech startups are popping up in Indiana and keeping their roots here.

“Even for those that say, ‘Hey, I’m not a techie, I’m not in the startup crowd,’ this matters a lot just as Hoosiers and as Indianapolis residents because this is a wave. This is where we’re heading, so we need to embrace it,” TechPoint CEO Mike Langellier said.

As Indiana produces more success stories, the ball keeps rolling, too. Last year homegrown company Exact Target sold for a whopping $2.5 billion and provided a boost to the state’s tech reputation.

“In so many things in economic development, it’s about energy. It’s about the momentum that you have behind something,” said Indiana Economic Development Corporation CEO Eric Doden.

Doden sees people like Schwegman, who are taking risks and starting new ventures, as helping our economy in a big way.

“We’ve clustered talent. They’ve clustered around each other and they continue to spin off new ideas,” Doden said.

For more information about the Gusto app and where you can download it for your iPhone later this month, visit the site here.

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