Smell gas on the northwest side of Indianapolis? Citizens Energy says odor is harmless

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 25, 2015)–  Several residents living on the northwest side of Indianapolis reported smelling gas in the air Tuesday evening.

Officials said a pump at Citizens Energy Group’s Liquefied Natural Gas facility near 86th and Georgetown malfunctioned allowing an excessive amount of odorant into the natural gas distribution system. They said the odorant, often described as having a rotten egg smell, is added to natural gas so that it is easily detectable, but it is harmless.

Citizens says the company’s natural gas system has not been compromised.

Citizens says there are no gas leaks and no health risks associated with the odor.  They hope to have the issue cleared by midnight.

If you smell gas in the area, Citizens ask that you call 924-3311.

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