Snow doesn’t stop seasonal business from opening

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GRANT COUNTY — If any one place in north central Indiana could sum up the snowstorm, it was definitely Sophie’s Ice Cream in Gas City.

“I think we opened a little prematurely,” owner Bill Corey said.

Corey’s seasonal business opened a couple of weeks ago. Instead of welcoming guests Monday, he was stuck plowing the heavy snow.

“(I’ve) been plowing since five o’clock this morning to get (it) ready to go,” Corey said.

Amazingly, Corey planned to open the ice cream shop as scheduled at 4 p.m.

Nearby in Howard County, the McNew family decided to go with a summer theme for their snowman. It was clad with a bathing suit, sunglasses and beach gear.

“It’s winter in springtime, so we thought we’d make a springtime snowman,” Devon McNew said.

That was the theme for many, as they hoped that spring would show itself soon. Corey hoped his car wash business might do better than ice cream for now.

“(At least) the next couple of days, people will be washing their cars,” Corey said.

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