Snow problem melts into flooding problem this weekend

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NORTHWEST SIDE — As more than a foot of snow melts across central Indiana, it’s setting the state for potential flooding problems.

“It’s going to cause traffic problems. It’s going to cause problems for people in neighborhoods. It’s going to cause ponding in yards,” said Stephanie Wilson with the Department of Public Works.

Those are some of the concerns officials have about all the snow melting into water.

Flooding could even be a problem in your home.

“I think we’re going to get busy with the snow melting,” said Scott Fuhr with Firestorm Restoration.

Fuhr’s company is already backlogged, after a busy week of burst pipes and flooding calls.

“We’ve had calls from people crying, upset that nobody can get to them quick enough. … They’re talking about how much damage there is to their home,” Fuhr said.

Damage like one call Fuhr’s team responded to in an Indianapolis home Friday. A burst pipe flooded the entire basement, including up into the insulation of walls.

“It’s been a lot of hours. (We work) 16, 18 hour days. Everybody’s running out of equipment and time to do all the jobs,” Fuhr said.

City leaders are hoping homeowners will pay attention and take steps to prevent flooding.

Most importantly, you should check the storm drains on your street or in your neighborhood. Those drains should be shoveled and cleared of snow, so that they are not blocked.

Also keep taking steps to prevent frozen pipes and don’t drive through flooded streets if you see them over the weekend.

“Keep an eye on the sump pumps and make sure that they’re running,” Fuhr said.

Take all those steps and be on the lookout, since rain coupled with higher temperatures is sure to lead to some flooding issues.

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