Snow squalls create visibility issues for drivers

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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — Snow squalls during Thursday night rush hour created difficulties for drivers on the interstate.

The high winds, plus snow flurries, reduced visibility and caused drivers to slow down.

FOX59 rode along with Indiana State Police Trooper Ryan Kenworthy along interstates in Boone County to show how ISP handles winter weather.

“Once the weather gets really bad and we start running into issues, that’s when we start bringing more people out,” Kenworthy said.

Intestate 65 in Boone County is heavily populated with semi truck traffic. Kenworthy wants drivers to pay extra close attention to road conditions in this area.

“Semis aren’t capable of slowing down as fast as a typical passenger car that we drive on a daily basis, making it even harder to do when ice is involved,” said Kenworthy.

If you do get caught in the middle of a snow squall, troopers encourage drivers to slow down and put more distance between you and the cars surrounding you. Kenworthy said do not pull over to the shoulder.

“It is best to find the very next exit that you can find and pull over there in a parking lot,” he said. He added, “you sitting in a shoulder like that makes it accessible to getting hit by a slide-off causing danger to you as others on the road.”

If you do slide off the road, call for emergency help and stay in your vehicle. Kenworthy said it’s important to not go outside your vehicle because you won’t be protected.

Another important piece of advice from ISP, if you see someone driving erratically in bad weather conditions or even this New Years Eve weekend, call ISP and report the driver. Make sure you have the car make, model, and color, as well as the license plate and location where you are.

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