Snowfall totals for Saturday, January 25, 2014

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The city of Indianapolis picked up 1.8″ of snow according to the National Weather Service.  26.7″ of snow has fallen in January.   If we were to get another 4 inches before Friday, we’d set a new record for the month of January.  The record currently stands at 30.6″ of snow from January 1978.  Here are the snowfall reports that came in Saturday morning:

Gas City: 3.5”
Galveston: 3.0”
New Ross: 2.6”
Columbus: 2.5”
Martinsville: 2.5”
Monrovia: 2.5”
Wilbur: 2.5”
Zionsville: 2.5”
Atlanta: 2.3”
Tipton: 2.3”
Greensburg: 2.1”
Indianapolis (South side): 2.1”
Williams: 2.1”
Bloomington: 2.0”
Carmel: 2.0”
Kokomo: 2.0”
Fairland: 1.8”
Indianapolis (NWS): 1.8”
Avon: 1.5”
Spencer: 1.5”
Yorktown: 1.0”

Est snowfall

Windy conditions caused a lot of blowing and drifting in our area and this makes it difficult to measure the snow.  We saw this handy tip from the National Weather Service in Wilmington, OH on how to measure the snow in conditions like this:

  • “Here is a quick tip for taking snow measurements during or after episodes such as this morning, when snow is light in density and drifting. Make sure to take an average of several measurements in a location that is as free from drifting as possible”
measuring snow
From the NWS Wilmington, OH twitter feed

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