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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (December 21, 2015) — Plainfield police returned to The  Shops at Perry Crossing Sunday evening after new threats were made against several retailers in Plainfield.

The threats were made on Facebook by user “Brian Kil” – the same user whose threats caused Plainfield and Danville schools to shut down last week.

Brian Kil’s threats were very graphic, and the user promised violence towards anyone watching Star Wars at the movie theater and also at a nearby Walmart.

Police quickly showed up at the mall after learning about the threat. Most of the shops remained open, and the mall was not evacuated.

However, that was not the case Friday when similar threats targeting the mall were made.

The mall was closed and everyone in the theater had to evacuate.

Plainfield police say they will continue to everything they can to keep shoppers and employees at the mall safe, and they`re asking people to speak up if they see anything suspicious.