Some neighbors still skeptical as Red Line launch approaches

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The controversial Red Line will launch in Indianapolis on September 1.

The 13-mile transit route will connect Broad Ripple south to the University of Indianapolis. On Thursday, IndyGo and city officials hosted a celebration and info session for the bus line’s launch, touting the line as a more efficient way to connect neighbors to more of the city as well as precious resources.

“It’s going to connect a lot of citizens with jobs, healthcare, educational opportunities, groceries, everything,” Councillor Colleen Fanning (R) said.

But as officials continue to tout the anticipated benefits, plenty of neighbors living in the Broad Ripple area till say they’re skeptical on if the Red Line will live up to the hype.

“There’s a lot going on that could happen, it could be beneficial, it could blow up in our face,” Teddy Dan said.

The biggest concern among neighbors seemingly centers around the traffic congestion along North College avenue, Particularly as Red Line buses will operate along a designated lane in the center of the street.

“Now we’ve congested ourselves by one lane in a really overpopulated area,” Dan said.

IndyGo officials maintain that if people take advantage of using the Red Line, congestion will improve in the area.

“This is not the silver bullet or an answer for everything, but it’s certainly going to be a vast improvement for the city and providing mobility for folks,” Jerome Horne, ridership experience specialist for IndyGo said.

Despite that, some neighbors say they will “wait and see” before forming a hard opinion.

“I’m not really excited, but I do hope it benefits those that need it,” Charla Hayes said.

Meanwhile, others believe the Red Line’s will be the key to solving Broad Ripple’s congestion problems.

“I am one of the people that will be riding which will reduce congestion, if I’m taking my single vehicle off the road,” Mallory Thatch said.

IndyGo say the plan on releasing a motorist education campaign Friday to highlight the best ways for drivers to navigate the Red Line.

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