Some Westfield residents upset about a cell phone tower construction project

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WESTFIELD, Ind. (June 24, 2015) — Some Westfield citizens are not happy about a new cell phone tower that will be going up in their backyard. Cell phone provider AT&T has the go-ahead from the city to put the 120 foot tower on the southeast corner of Oak Ridge Road and 146th Street.

“I think it’s gonna be an eyesore on the skyline, looking west off 146th street,” said Mindy McDonald who is not happy about the project.

McDonald put in a lot of time and effort to try to fight off AT&T and their interest in this triangular shaped plot of land owned by a nearby church. The tower will essentially be in McDonald’s backyard.

“It’s gonna have to be lit at night. AT&T has told us the chains and the lanyard will be banging and making noise, so I think for all the quiet area that it is right here, I don’t think it’s appropriate,” McDonald added.

A member of the Westfield Advisory Plan Commission says all of the wires and antennas will be internal, so nobody will see them. The tower will look something like one at Dillon Park in Noblesville which has a flag flying from it. The pole is behind David Egg’s home, and he says it really doesn’t bother him.

“It just looks like a slightly larger flag pole with a large flag, which fits the setting. It’s located in a park in the city of Noblesville, and it’s surrounded by tall trees and that helps,” Egg said.

Egg hopes the one that will be going up at Oak Ridge Road and 146th Street will have landscaping around it, instead of just a pole stuck in the ground. He has some advice for anyone who is still concerned about it ruining their neighborhood’s beauty.

“Just come over and look at the one that’s in Dillon Park,” he says. “And decide, it’s really not offensive.”

A member of the Westfield Advisory Plan Commission says the flag has to fit federal guidelines for the size of the pole. AT&T has agreed to be responsible for the flag. Construction will begin once permitting and paperwork is complete.

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