Son accused of killing elderly mother sits down with FOX59

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INDIANAPOLIS — A central Indiana man in jail for the murder of his 88-year-old mother sat down with FOX59 to tell his side of the story.

“My mother’s been attacked, she’s bleeding and she’s unconscious and I need an ambulance now, now, now,” Bill Rainsberger said.

That’s what Rainsberger said he told a 911 operator. He is accused of beating his mother to death in her east side apartment November 19, 2013.

“I touched her leg and I said, ‘Mom.’ She didn’t move and then I went around and looked and there was so much blood,” Rainsberger said.

Police arrested Rainsberger Tuesday for the crime, saying his story is inconsistent and they have him on video at a Kroger throwing away a suspicious item just minutes before he called 911.

Ruth Rainsberger was 88 years old, had dementia and the day paramedics found her she was lying on the floor, badly beaten with a blanket over her head. She was still alive but would later die from her injuries.

At first, paramedics thought she may have been shot. Court documents paint a picture of what detectives think happened, starting with a firefighter who said Rainsberger told him his mother had been beaten.

“The fact that he said his mother’s head was bashed in without actually seeing her head is indicative that he may have knowledge of how she sustained the injury,” a detective said in those documents.

There’s also the grocery store across the street from Ruth Rainsberger’s apartment.

Detectives said that a call was placed to Bill’s brother from his mother’s landline at approximately 2:40 p.m. Close to an hour later, at approximately 3:32 p.m., Bill is seen on video surveillance at that grocery store.

“Rainsberger appeared to pull out a straight object from his person which he placed in the garbage can. As he placed the item in the trash he appeared to look around for cameras,” the detective said.

Just six minutes later, at approximately 3:38 p.m., Rainsberger called 911.

Rainsberger told FOX59 he did not kill his mother. He said that he’s the one who took care of her and had her best interests in mind, even when her dementia got so bad she couldn’t make herself dinner.

“I’ve never done anything to anybody and I would never harm my mother. I have such a sense of loss. I don’t think people realize the sense of loss I have,” Rainsberger said.

Rainsberger has his own theory about what happened to his mother.

“The only thing I can think of is that somebody came to her door, she answered her door, didn’t recognize them and they rushed her,” Rainsberger said.

He pointed to drug money as the likely motive, but documents state that credit cards, a checkbook, cash and a lockbox were all left inside the apartment that day.

Detectives instead pointed to tens of thousands of dollars in savings and bonds that were due to go to Ruth’s three children as motive.

Rainsberger said the money wasn’t enough to live off of and was not reason enough to kill his mother. He said that he’d found a nursing home to place her in and had every intention of getting her help, not burying her.

“It was going to work out just fine. … Everything was set, everything was going to work and it just went all to Hell,” Rainsberger said.

Rainsberger is due in court for an initial hearing Thursday morning.

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