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INDIANAPOLIS — A Little Free Library located on the north side has become a target for vandalism, including three incidents in the last week alone.

For six years, neighbors have been able to grab a book out of the library, which is actually a wooden box mounted on a pole next to the street.

Thomas Woodward, who runs the library, says since the box went up, it has been vandalized a multiple times and even completely destroyed in 2018.

Over the last week, there have been three more incidents. The most recent included soup being poured on the books inside the box.

“It’s annoying, and heartbreaking to me and kind of infuriating cause I put  a lot of time in it,” said Woodward. “However, you’re breaking the vehicle for other people to get these books that I’m trying to give away.”

The vandalism is being investigated, but Woodward wants those responsible to be aware of who they are actually hurting.

“You’re not actually targeting me, these are gifts that I’m trying to give away. So once I put books in the library I’ve relinquished ownership of them,” said Woodward. “You’re not taking books form me you’re taking books from other people who might use a library, and that’s a variety of people.”

Over the six years it has been up, close to 7,500 books have been given away. Each one is stamped and numbered to keep up with how many are taken.

Woodward plans to keep it operating as long as he can, and has books to go into it.

“I try to fill it with interesting books, and as I’ve had people say it looks like you curate them and I suppose I do to a certain extent,” Woodward said. “I try to be selective on the titles and I like that people realize that I actually pick out books that they enjoy.”

The Little Free Library does accept donations of books if you would like to add to the selection.