South Bend officer helps boy with lemonade stand


SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Life can give you lemons.. and a local officer decided to help 12-year-old entrepreneur Jaelynn Wilson make lemonade.

For 15 minutes Sunday afternoon, South Bend police officer Ron Glon helped Jaelynn run his lemonade stand. Glon was hoping to match a donation depending on how much they made in that timespan.

“The lemonades are the ones that don’t have a sticker on it,” Jaelynn said.

Jaelynn says he looks up to Officer Glon and that he’s thankful for all of the strength and support he’s given him.

“It made me feel so good to be able to work with a police officer because you gotta think, he could know everything that’s happening with George Floyd, riots and all this stuff.. he has to take in on that and make sure that he doesn’t be one of those cops,” Jaelynn said.

Jaelynn’s mom says she’s been teaching him to not have a negative opinion about police officers. As much as officer Glon wants to support Jaelynn’s small business, he also wants Jaelynn to know he’ll always be there for him.

“We don’t want them to judge us because of the color of our skin but you know, let’s not judge them because of their uniform either so let’s come together and do what we can, and just push the bad people out,” Tina Wilson, Jaelynn’s Mom said.

“If I can come here and maybe relay that message to him, let him know that he’s not, you don’t have to be scared of us, you don’t have to be worried. Doesn’t have to grow up and worry about the police,” Ron Glon said.

While Jaelynn says some bad officers are out there, he says Officer Glon isn’t one of them and that the good cops will change the world.

“It meant a lot because not only one, but two times you have to understand God blessed you with something like that. And it really touched me, it really touched me,” Jaelynn said.

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