South side neighbors tired of children getting hurt from dangerous sidewalks

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Homeowners in a south side neighborhood want the city to fix their pesky sidewalks. Neighbors say they are tired of stubbing toes and getting hurt when they trip and fall.
“When my daughter was in kindergarten, she tripped over it, and chipped her two front teeth on the sidewalk,” Lisa Kowell said.
Kowell lives on Kansas Street. She and her neighbors said they have been calling the city for nearly a decade with the hopes they will come fix the issue. The Department of Public Works (DPW) said a 2016 study shows Indy needs $1.6 billion dollars in sidewalk improvements.

“Usually call about twice a year,” Kowell said, “And every year they say the case is still open.”

DPW said the best way to get the city’s attention is to contact the mayor’s hotline or head to RequestIndy online.

Parts of the Kansas Street sidewalk is now rubble; other areas are overgrown.  Homeowners said shoveling snow off the sidewalk is nearly impossible, and during the summer, they have to mow the grass that’s growing over old parts of the sidewalk.

“We’ve all tripped at some point in time, whether it be the chunks that are missing or the chunks that are sticking up,” Corie Lane said.

The city has a pecking order for projects, and major thoroughfares taking precedent.

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