South side of Indianapolis gets hit by violent weather

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 21, 2014) — Violent storms hit Indy’s south side hard Wednesday.

Trees were split and knocked over, and some roads were left barely passable. The drivers of the trucks and cars who decided to take Harding Street Wednesday evening found themselves in a bit of a bind. They were having to slosh through some very deep water that collected because of the rain, but if you took it slow, it was passable.

Many trees were no match for the storm’s fury, broken about halfway down from the trunk, the top half left lying limp in the wet grass.

It was wet and in some cases underwater down West Hanna Avenue. That’s where Donna Curtis was when the storms rolled through.

“The wind was blowing, the water started rising and we had three or four downpours,” Curtis said.

There was also hail, which she says was pretty big.

“About half-dollar size,” Curtis said.

Heavy rain flooded Curtis’ yard, which she says is typical when you get heavy rain. That’s because the area creeks can’t take it. All she can do is live with it.

“We’ve talked to the city and they’re like ‘Well, the water’s gotta go where it’s gotta go,’ so we do the best we can when we can,” Curtis said.

If you do run in to standing water, especially at night, you can’t tell how deep it is. Don’t chance it, take another way around.

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