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SOUTHPORT, Ind. – The Indiana High School Athletic Association is barring Southport High School from the boy’s state basketball tournament this year.

The IHSAA says Head Coach Eric Brand provided a tuition payment to Perry Township Schools on behalf of one of his players for $5,548.

The player is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The IHSAA says Perry Township accepted the payment, but it was in the student’s name.

That student is ineligible to play this year.

Brand is also suspended for the first two games of the year.

Additionally, the Southport High School athletic department is placed on probation for one year.

We reached out to Perry Township for a comment, and we will let you know when we hear back from them.

Perry Township Schools issued this statement:

“Perry Township Schools and Southport High have been cooperative and fully transparent throughout the IHSAA investigation. We are disappointed in the Commissioner’s findings and will evaluate our right to appeal portions of the report and penalties.

“Student safety, academic success, and compliance are the primary goals of our schools. In this case, we believe the high school’s actions were consistent with those values, and we will continue to move forward in full compliance of IHSAA rules.”