Southport police officer injured in downtown crash says ‘It’s a miracle’ no one died


INDIANAPOLIS — The man accused of causing a terrible crash in downtown Indianapolis over the weekend is behind bars.

Police say when they tried to pull over 30-year-old Clint Adams, he took off hitting several vehicles. Remarkably no one was killed.

One of the victims was a Southport police officers who was on his way home.

“I just saw a flash of white,” said Officer Aaron Veach, with the Southport Police Department.

Officer Veach was with his girlfriend Sunday night. They were just a few blocks away from home.  The two had the green light at the intersection of South Meridian and South Street when a white Ford pickup truck pulling a trailer came speeding through.

46:10- it is honestly a miracle that we are in the shape that we are in

“Neither one of us saw that vehicle coming and it just definitely blindsided us,” said Officer Veach.

IMPD says Adams was pulling a stolen trailer. Instead of stopping when officers tried to pull Adams over, he drove off going the wrong way on I-70, side swiping several cars and then ending near Slippery Noodle.

“I remember just bouncing and spinning and I was trying to count the number of impacts in my mind,” said Officer Veach.

Officer Veach’s girlfriend was driving. She was pinned in the car and had to wait for medics to cut her out.  Officer Veach was in the passenger’s seat

“The vehicle landed on my side, so I remember pushing my way through the sunroof,” said Officer Veach.

Officer Veach has been to several accident scenes; it’s part of his job.  He’s used to being a helper and, in this case, feeling helpless was frustrating.

“I was yelling for someone to call 911 and someone eventually called 911,” said Officer Veach.

Officer Veech has some bruised ribs and scrapes. His girlfriend was just released from the hospital with stitches, a broken wrist, and a few fractured fingers. All are injuries from a crash that could’ve easily avoided.

“Hopefully he doesn’t get out of jail anytime soon. Hopefully he learns a valuable lesson that he himself could’ve been killed, who knows how many others he could’ve killed,” said Officer Veach.

“Someone was looking out. A higher power was looking out,” said Officer Veach.

Detectives believe the same white pickup truck was involved in a similar theft during the Final Four. In that case, the driver escaped pursuit by driving the wrong way on the interstate.

Adams is facing several charges including auto theft, operating a vehicle while intoxicated and resisting law enforcement.

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