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SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Speedway officials temporarily shut down the Dollar General located at 2310 Cunningham Road for a list of violations. They must immediately address these issues in order to reopen.

The violations include blocked exits, excessive combustible materials stored and a missing fire extinguisher. When we stopped by the store Thursday, the manager said he had no comment.

Speedway fire officials did not want to speak on the circumstances either and instead directed us to reach out to Dollar General. The company acknowledged our request for comment, but has not granted us an interview or sent a statement.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis Fire Marshal Michael Beard said when he is working with companies in Indianapolis, the only reason he shuts a company down temporarily is if someone’s life is at risk.

“If it’s something that’s really detrimental and it’s something that we feel is making the business unsafe, then we’ll start something called fire watch which is immediate until it’s fixed,” Beard said. “But if it’s something that’s not critical, then you usually have thirty days to correct that violation before we return to make sure it’s done.”

While IFD is concerned with safety, IMPD helps companies address safety and security concerns at dollar stores across the city. We dug through records and found that from January 1 through April 25, 2021, police investigated robberies at Dollar Generals, Family Dollars and Dollar Trees 46 times. In all of 2020, they investigated 122. In all of 2019, they responded to 132.

“We give them ideas and suggestions for how they can reduce them possibly being the victim of a robber,” IMPD Capt. Dulin Nelson said. “Try to have two or more employees when you close and open the store, make sure your business is well lit inside and out. Try not to block the windows with sale signs.”

Ultimately, it is up to the companies to decide how they will correct any safety concerns.

“We point out the pros and the cons to following what we suggest,” Nelson said.

Speedway Police said they have responded to robbery calls at this specific Dollar General twice in the past two years.