Speedway group keeps Hoosiers warm this winter by collecting coats


SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Temperatures are mild for this time of the year, but sooner or later, freezing temperatures will return to Indiana. When that happens, a local organization wants to make sure everyone is warm.

“There’s always someone walking with just a sweatshirt,” said Speedway Cares member Maddie Hamblen.

It was those families that Speedway resident Robin Emerson wanted to help, and she figured a coat drive, was the best way to do that.

We knew there were tons of people who had coats in the back of their closet that they had they had grown out of, or their kids had grown out of or whatever,” she explained.

What started as a goal of 25 has now surpassed 150 coats and other winter gear that are given out to anyone in need of a little warmth and love.

“Everybody’s getting something out of it so why not do it? Why not keep doing it and see where the road takes us,” Emerson explained.

It’s a journey that Emerson says continue beyond the winter months.

“As long as we have a surplus of coats, and people who want or need them, we’re going to keep doing this.”

The group partnered with the Speedway School District to make sure every student has a jacket. Speedway does not have any school buses, so a majority of kids walk to school.

They also are connecting with others here on their Facebook group.

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