Speedway police investigate possible dog poisoning

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SPEEDWAY, Ind.– Speedway police are working to determine if two dogs were intentionally poisoned as part of an ongoing neighborhood dispute.

Karen Pickens, 64, called Speedway Police Sunday saying her sister’s and neighbor’s dogs were both sickened by meat which had been thrown into her yard in the 4800 block of West 24th Street.

“And the vet said they had been poisoned,” Pickens said. “And I said that’s horrible.”

When police responded to the call, they asked Pickens who she thinks would do such a thing. Pickens pointed to her neighbor, Sandy Rosner. The two have been feuding for years.

When Fox59 asked Rosner about the incident, she denied any involvement. Instead, she returned the accusation with another.

“There has been an issue with her for years,” Rosner said. “They stole my cat last year.”

Speedway police will try to get to the bottom of the situation, but there may never be solid proof.

“We’ve assigned the case to an investigator who will look into it, try to determine if there’s any credibility to whether or not the animal was poisoned,” said Speedway Police Sgt. Jim Thiele. “And if so, if that poisoning was an intentional act.”

But it’s possible the case will never result in a criminal charge. Instead, it could be referred to the Marion County Prosecutors Office of Conflict Resolution.

“They are sometimes able to help us resolve that issue in an instance where one neighbor is simply aggravating the other,” said Thiele.

The Conflict Resolution Office specializes in solving neighborhood problems before they escalate into something more dangerous. Depending on the problem and the people involved, Thiele said it can actually be a life-saving step.

When Fox59 asked Pickens and Rosner if they would be willing to sit down with a mediator, each woman individually said yes. But when they were together with the camera rolling, neither would answer the question.

If you have a problem in your neighborhood and would like to seek a mediator, you can call the Conflict Resolution Office at 317-327-2703.

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