Police: Man’s threat to children prompts security precautions at Speedway schools

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SPEEDWAY (Oct. 29, 2014) – Officials with Speedway schools called for extra security Wednesday after a threat directed at schools in general.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police investigated after hearing of a threat made by a man at a home about a mile east of the Speedway Town Limit. Police said the man said he planned to go to a school and “start killing children.” Since Speedway schools were in close proximity to the home, IMPD contacted Speedway police to apprise them of the situation.

Speedway officers consulted with school administrators to take precautionary measures. Afternoon recess and other outside activities were canceled for Wednesday afternoon. Students were being escorted in and out of the school, and administrators were making every effort to have a normal school day. A Speedway police officer was also assigned to each school.

Police said they were aware of the individual and were watching out for him.

Superintendent Ken Hull sent the following message to parents:

This morning the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) began to investigate a situation at a house located approximately 1 mile east of the Speedway Town limit. The IMPD learned that an adult male stated his intent to go to a school and start killing children. IMPD has a description of the male and his vehicle. Because of the proximity of the house to Speedway an IMPD Officer contacted the Speedway Police Department and made the Police Department aware of this situation. Speedway Police quickly assigned a uniformed police officer to the grounds of each of our schools and shared this information with the school administration.

The threat is not specific to any school, yet both the Speedway Police Department (SPD) and Speedway Schools have taken action to reduce risk to our students.

This afternoon, students are not participating in outside activities (i.e. recess). Students are being escorted by parents or school personnel in and out of buildings. We are striving to conduct a reasonable school day. A uniformed Speedway Police Officer will be at each school for the remainder of the day and will be present during dismissal.

Law enforcement officials are working diligently to locate and detain the person who allegedly has made this threat.

Speedway Schools appreciates the cooperation between IMPD and the SPD. This cooperation demonstrates how the system for safe schools is working in Central Indiana. The quick and significant presence of our local police officers was so valued and important. We know the best deterrent to risk and danger is the presence and service of a Speedway Police Officer. Because of their commitment and presence, we were able to conduct a reasonable school day.

At this time we anticipate a normal dismissal as there was never a threat made against individuals, yet we would welcome parents to come to school and escort their children home at any time this afternoon.

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