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Exterminators around Central Indiana have been flooded with calls from people complaining about spiders overrunning their homes.

Paul Hurley called in the experts to treat his east side home Wednesday, after catching a few eight legged insects around his back porch.

“I get startled,” he said. “Spiders have been real bad this year.”

Several pest control companies told Fox59 that September is the season where they see a peak in spider activity. However, this year is especially tough because the wet spring and mild summer created a great breeding environment for the bugs. Now that temperatures are cooling off, those spiders are looking for a warm home.

“Earlier in the year, we had a lot of rain and that moisture drives everything inside, but now as it cools off, it’s pushing (them) to come back inside again,” explained Josh Mitchener, a manager at Fusek’s True Value Hardware Store in downtown Indianapolis.

Mitchener said he has seen a lot of customers coming in to buy spider repellent.

“This spider killer here is out right now,” he said pointing at one brand on the shelf.

He then explained there are two kinds of repellents people can use themselves.

“One, they kill them on the spot and that’s what you want to start with if you have a problem,” he said. “Then there’s other products that are a residual type killer, which means you apply it and then that will kill anything that comes across it for 12 months.”

If you do use a spray in and around your home, experts advise keeping your pets away from those areas until the chemical has dried.