Spray-painted silo mural towers over Greencastle to celebrate Hoosier pride

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GREENCASTLE, Ind. – Four new pieces of art are hard to miss in Greencastle.

Four large murals were unveiled Sunday in Greencastle. They’re the work of New York-based artist Andrei Krautsou, who used spray paint to create the towering murals on silos. It’s one of the largest art projects the area has ever seen.

While the artist, who goes by the name “Key Detail,” isn’t from Indiana, the murals are all about Hoosier pride and are a celebration of art in Putnam County.

You’ll find them at the intersection of U.S. 231 and Veterans Memorial Highway. The four grain silos feature images of a bald eagle, a cow, a farm and a covered bridge. The themes speak to agriculture, art and history.

Chris Flegal, co-founder of the Putnam County Mural Project, said the goal was to bring the community together.

“This has really been a community project from the beginning,” Flegal said. “Everything you see here represents what our community said they wanted to see in a mural.”

The community didn’t just help plan it—people raised $34,000 for the project, with the state providing a matching grant.

“A couple months ago, these were just some rundown silos with ivy all over them,” Flegal said. “Now what we have is a beautiful work of art that the whole community can enjoy for years to come.”

With the finishing touches almost complete, Krautsou says he’ll soon move on to his next project. What he leaves behind in Putnam County will give thousands of Hoosiers a reason to stop and stare.

“It’s really important to engage with the local community because they will see these every day and it’s going to be part of their life,” Krautsou said.

The Putnam County Mural Project hopes to add more county art projects and murals starting next year.

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