Spring severe weather outlook: What to expect in central Indiana for 2021


Did you know that there are now four “Tornadoes Alleys” in the United States and that Indiana is in the heart of one of them? 

 Three of the country’s deadliest outbreaks included the state of Indiana:

  • The Tri-State Tornado
  • The Palm Sunday Outbreak of 1965
  • The Super Outbreak of 1974

There were 18 tornadoes in the state last year, the earliest on April 8 when Mooresville was damaged by an EF-1 tornado. There were no fatalities in Indiana last year, but nationwide it was the deadliest in 9 years. Seventy-six people died in 2020, including 27 in Tennessee alone.

With the demise of the very cold weather through February, the pattern is flattening out and warming up quickly. As we enter the month of March, severe weather season will firmly get underway.

Tornado frequency by month jumps in March and really climbs going into April. Peak tornado season is in the months of April, May and June.

This year shouldn’t be any different except that with the quick warming and the pattern change the weather here could become more volatile in March. Current outlooks are for a higher probability of above-normal temperatures, so with warming comes better chance for thunderstorms this month. 

We feel that the time to prepare is now. Severe season is well out of mind with the recent cold and snowy weather, but the season should come on quickly.

Be prepared! The statewide tornado drill will be held March 16, but you can have your safety plan in place before then.

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