Squirrel blamed for $300K in damage at Fort Wayne community center

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FORT WAYNE (April 11, 2014) – Just blame the squirrel.

That’s the word from parks department officials in Fort Wayne, who said a pesky squirrel burrowed his way into the electrical system at the newly renovated McMillen Community Center, causing $300,000 in damage. The squirrel didn’t survive the encounter, according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

The incident happened on April 1, sparking a power surge that fried three heating and air conditioning systems and damaged part of the boiler system. The damage will be covered by insurance, although the department will have to cover the $50,000 deductible.

The community center is set to open June 7 at the old McMillen Ice Arena, which closed in 2009. The renovation will turn the facility into a community center that will include basketball, volleyball and other court sports. It will also have practice areas for field sports, an indoor walking track and multipurpose meeting rooms.

The company that built the community center’s heating and air conditioning systems will work to make repairs in time for the scheduled opening.

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