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ZIONSVILLE, Ind. -Saturday’s rain didn’t stop thousands from celebrating a very special event in Zionsville’s Lion’s Park. The annual NICU and Continuing Care Nursery Reunion brought former patients and their families together again with the doctors, nurses and staff from St. Vincent.

The NICU at St. Vincent sees roughly 300 to 400 premature babies each year. Many NICU babies are born with conditions associated with premature birth. Others come into the world with more critical issues.  The reunion gives parents a chance to say thank you to those that cared for their children in their time of need and it’s a chance for the care providers to see how much the children have grown in short period of time.

“It’s awesome. We’re forever indebted to all of his physicians at St. Vincent to the hospital to the staff,” said NICU Parent, Stacey Brubaker.

“We’re seeing and reconnecting with families that we haven’t seen in some cases as long as 14 years ago, other cases just a few months ago to see how well that their babies are doing after the need and the care that they needed in intensive care,” said Dr. Shaun Hicks.

The reunion has been going on for 18 years.

It also gives the families of those who lost an infant a chance to visit the angel tree, which was planted in lion’s park in 2010 and to take home a special memento in remembrance.