St. Vincent Hospital conducting mock disaster training exercise on Halloween


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – St. Vincent Hospital is preparing for a mock disaster drill next Tuesday to test the preparedness and response of hospital medical staff and local responders should a real crisis occur.

The scenario of the drill will involve individuals who have been injured due to an earthquake.

Victims presented to the Emergency Room will be triaged and treated. Additional treatment will be monitored throughout the hospital as prescribed by physician orders. This may include medical imaging, operating room or surgeries and/or admission to medical floors.

At least 20 St. Vincent associates will play the roles of patients and family members in addition to local police officers, firefighters and other community organizations who will participate in the event.

The Hospital Incident Command Team will be testing communication for efficient patient flow and resource management.

“Recently our country has witnessed some horrific events that ended with many people being injured. Thankfully many lives were saved because of the training and dedication of emergency responders and health care providers,” said Vicky Snipes, Safety Officer, St. Vincent. “These drills allow us to develop best practices and assurance that we have prepared ourselves for the worst if a disaster were to occur.”

Normal hospital operations and patient care will not be affected by the drill in anyway. Emergency staff and drill participants with mock injuries may be seen by motorists and pedestrians during the drill.

Hospitals are required to have disaster response plans in place and conduct periodic drills for improvement and training purposes.

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