State lawmakers speak out on fixing Religious Freedom Restoration Act


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 28, 2015) — Some state lawmakers are now making their voices heard in support of fixing or repealing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence said on Saturday he would support legislation to clarify the bill, however some state legislators are saying that’s not enough.

State Democratic Leader Tim Lanane said on Saturday night “I’m grateful the governor has recognized a need to reevaluate his decision to sign Senate Bill 101.”

But he says that the Governor’s decision to clarify the bill isn’t far enough.

“Legislative ‘tweaks’ are not enough,” he said in a statement. “To restore trust and show Hoosiers and Americans that all are welcome here, this hateful law has to go. Only a full repeal will serve that aim.”

The statement went on to say “only then can we work to restore the credibility that the governor and republican allies have so flagrantly tarnished.”

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