State Police: 27 cars’ tires shredded on I-70 due to metal object in road


Several cars sit on the shoulder after running over a metal object on I-70 EB near 465 on Indy’s east side.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indiana State Police say a metal object lying on Interstate 70 shred 27 cars’ tires on Saturday night on the city’s east side.

The cars were scattered all along the shoulders of I-70 eastbound near the Shadeland Ave and 465 exits, police say.

According to police, the unknown metal object was run over so many times police are unsure at this time what even the metal object was.

Police say not only were 27 cars’ tires damaged from the metal debris in the roadway, but many cars had more than one tire popped due to the foreign object on the interstate.

The unknown metal object was removed from the roadway, but at this time police say several cars are still awaiting tow trucks.

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