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MUNCIE, Ind. (August 5, 2015) – Indiana State Police are investigating an alleged hazing incident involving members of the Delta High School football team.

Parents tell FOX59, the incident happened at a football camp held at DePauw University in June. Parents say three Delta High School  juniors allegedly hazed and bullied members of the freshman football team.

ISP would not comment on whether those allegations are true or the details surrounding the investigation because juveniles are involved. Names of the victims and alleged suspects are not being released. ISP did confirm to FOX59 they are investigating an incident and will be handing the case to the Delaware County Prosecutors Office for final review next week. In a statement, Delaware Community Schools acknowledged they were aware of the incident and contacted authorities.

ISP said any charges filed would likely be at the level of juvenile delinquency charges. That’s because investigators do not believe any crimes committed reached a felony level.

Reece A. Mann, superintendent of Delaware Community Schools, released this statement:

“Threat/Assault activity have never been endorsed, encouraged, nor promoted at Delaware Community School Corporation.  Inappropriate, disruptive and un-welcomed behavior such as bullying, hazing and intimidation will be thoroughly investigated and turned over to the proper authorities.  In this specific situation, once the “inappropriate behavior” was brought to our attention, we reported the information to Child Protection Services and Indiana State Police for their assistance.

Based on the evidence and facts that were presented coupled with the allegations being confirmed, decisions for accountability will be based on the safety and well-being of our students and to maintain order while eliminating the anticipated distractions to the educational process.

Specifics of the incident and names related to this incident will not be disclosed by Delaware Community Schools.”