State wants to suspend doctors’ licenses following 12 patient deaths

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The Indiana Attorney General’s office is calling for the suspension of the medical licenses of two doctors who operate medical centers in Kokomo and Burlington.

Dr. Don Wagoner and Dr. Marilyn Wagoner were named in a petition filed by the Attorney General’s office Monday.

The petition alleges the doctors had some part in the deaths of at least 12 patients by prescribing them powerful drugs they shouldn’t have.

One patient “…was prescribed opiates… despite the presence of numerous risk factors for opioid dependence…” Then the petition claimed, “A Klonopin treatment began… despite past history for abuse… and multiple phone calls from Patient E’s psychiatric center to stop…” The patient eventually “… died of poly-pharmacy overdose…” and a toxicology report “…shows the presence of Xanax, methadone, Klonopin, fentanyl, oxycodone, buprenophine.”

“The concern here is that patients were not fully evaluated or appropriately evaluated to determine whether they were appropriate patients for receiving opiates for chronic pain management purposes,” said Deputy Attorney General Jessica Krug.

Fox 59 went to both clinics seeking comment, but was not given one.

Krug said the State’s Medical Licensing Board is expected to hear the case on March 27.

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