Still no answer for students without school next year

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NOBLESVILLE — A group of our most vulnerable kids have no place to go for school next year, with five districts waffling on how best to serve them.

The program, MOSAICS, is run in partnership with five districts in Hamilton, Boone and Madison counties. It houses around 40 kids at a time, giving special needs students who are struggling in traditional schools a place to get individualized attention.

“We feel hopeless today. We need help,” one grandmother said.

At a meeting Friday, parents pleaded with administrators to find a way to keep the school together.

Two years ago, the school moved under one roof to the top floor of the Noblesville Freshman Center. However, that center is about to become a Middle School that needs the space for students.

Administrators have been unable to find enough space to keep the program intact, instead considering whether to spread kids out among their home districts.

“The kids are a group. They are together, they feed and draw off each other,” father Matt Thomas said.

Fox 59 learned that despite the two years heads up, administrators were banking on the National Guard armory next to Noblesville High School as another temporary site. However, the sale of the armory to the district just went through and it needs too many renovations to be up to code.

“It would be ideal to have it in one space but physically that’s not possible. The school districts we serve are all full,” Director Steve Wornhoff said.

Even the meeting Friday to fix the program could fix it. The governing board decided to push a decision two weeks to try and come to a better conclusion.

It’s time that is ticking away for parents that worry where their kids will go and if the progress they’ve made could be reversed.

“It just doesn’t make sense why they can’t make room for 40 children,” mother Annette Whitesell said.

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