Stolen property linked to numerous theft cases found at home on Indy’s east side

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Victor Williams mistakingly left his loaded firearm in a compartment on his motorcycle hours before thieves stole it from his home on the city’s south side.

Williams posted a photo of his red motorcycle on Facebook, and someone said they saw it outside a home on the east side. Williams said he never frequents the area of Arlington Avenue and Greenfield Avenue.

“No, not at all,” Williams said. “I never come over here.”

But, Williams stopped by the house on Monday afternoon and saw his motorcycle outside the house.

“I got a phone call and came straight out here and called the police,” Williams said.

When police arrived, they found the motorcycle as well as lots of other stolen items linked to at least three different theft cases. Sgt. Jim Gillespie said they found another motorcycle connected to a separate case, a trailer, and miscellaneous items like tools and lawn equipment.

Our FOX59 cameras exclusively captured the two men, handcuffed, getting into the back of police cars. At this time, Gillespie said one of them is preliminarily charged with auto theft, but he said investigators would be at the scene well into the night processing evidence.

IMPD used a search warrant to look inside the home and around the property around 9:30 p.m.

One officer said one of the men they detained lives in a small white trailer behind the home. He said a woman who is bedridden lives in the house. The officer said the woman doesn’t know the two men.

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