Storm damages homes, topples trees across Central Indiana

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Crews are cleaning up the damage after powerful storms raked across Central Indiana Tuesday, knocking down trees and power lines.

Duke Energy reported more than 2,000 power outages shortly after the storm hit Rush County at around 4 p.m. Tuesday. As of 9:52 p.m., most of the power had been restored.

“There wasn’t even a tornado siren or anything. It just came out of nowhere,” said Amy Sorrel, who lives in Rushville.

Neighbors began pitching in to help moments after straight line winds toppled tress and sent tree limbs flying everywhere.

Amy Jacobs rushed back from work after her 100-year-old tree fell right on her home of 11 years. Another tree, a couple of yards apart, was uprooted 20 minutes before.

“The whole house is crooked now,” said Amy. “They said the winds were so strong, you could see it coming out of the ground.”

Amy’s husband, two kids and the dog ran out to the neighbor’s next door.

“The tree started wobbling,” said Anthony Jacobs, Amy’s son. “My dad and I went inside to talk to our sister and we heard the house shake.”

Rushville Pollice were directing traffic as street lights went out. City crews spent the afternoon cleaning up block after block — including the city park where a concert tent collapsed.

“There’s a lot of damage,” said Mike Pavey, Rushville Mayor. “The big thing is that nobody was hurt. So we’re happy.”

The city expects to be cleaning up well into next week.

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