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MUNCIE, Ind. – A teenager is recovering in the hospital after being trapped underneath a SUV in Muncie. Police say a group of good Samaritans rushed to her rescue and are the reason she survived.

“It shook our house. It was that bad,” said Billy Harris.

Strangers turned into first responders on the corner of Highland Ave. and Elgin St. on Sunday evening around 6:00.

“It’s just one of those things you just jump right in and help,” said Harris.

Muncie police say a SUV ran through a stop sign and crashed into a pickup truck. An 18-year-old girl was ejected from the SUV. When the SUV flipped, she was trapped underneath.

“When something like that happens, you don’t really think, you just do,” said Harris.

Billy Harris lives right across the street from where the accident happened. Harris was one of five people who together, pushed the SUV upright and off Shaylee Duckworth.

“It was just like you got that extra strength from somewhere,” said Harris.

Harris tells FOX59, there was no conversation between the strangers, everyone knew what they had to do and knew it had to be done quickly.

“I have no idea who they were. It was just like angels, just came down and everybody just pitched in and helped,” said Harris.

The driver of the pickup truck and two other teenagers in the SUV were also hurt. Investigators say Duckworth’s injuries were the most severe.

Police credit the good Samaritans with saving this teenager’s life.

“It’s pretty amazing that they came to her rescue and helped her like that,” said Joe Winkle, Muncie Police Chief.

Harris hasn’t seen the hurt teenager since the accident, but he wants her to know his heart is with her.

“If there’s a life out there in need, save it and that’s what happened. Just jump right into it, never give it a second thought,” explains Harris.

At last check, 18-year-old Duckworth was listed in critical but stable condition at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

Police tested the SUV driver for drugs and alcohol, which is standard procedure.