Security Risks for your Smart TV

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Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular, especially over the holidays. Mike Reeves, wealth management advisor of Strategic Wealth Designers, explains what security risks there are with a smart TV and how to overcome them.

Reeves states, “The smart TV is connected to the internet. Devices connected to the internet create an opportunity for hackers. The problem with those TVs is they are not putting the security features in there that they should be. It is because that industry is so competitive, they don’t want to spend the money.” They are trying to protect their profit margin and as a result our information is at risk.

In order to provide more security, the FBI has released some suggestions. Reeves states, “One of them being getting black tape to put over the cameras. Make sure to keep up with all the updates. Those interactive smart TV features, you can use your remote and turn some of that off when you are not using it.”

Lastly, Reeves explains that we give big companies access to our information sometimes without even knowing it. He states, “Most of these companies are collecting tons of data and you are agreeing to it. When you set up your tv and it says terms of service and you click agree. In there it is saying they can collect the data and then they are turning around and selling that data to people that want to sell you things.”

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