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The National Weather Service confirmed Thursday that an EF1 tornado hit Mooresville around 8:45 Wednesday.


MOORESVILLE, Ind. – Fast-moving storms brought strong winds, hail and tornado warnings to central Indiana Wednesday night.

Some of the most notable damage was in Mooresville as storms battered the Hoosier State.

Division Chief John Robinson of the Mooresville Fire Department said a number of businesses sustained damage. There were no injuries, but images from the scene showed roofs ripped off buildings and store fronts devastated.

“We’ve got issues scattered all over our little town here,” Robinson said.

According to Robinson, the stay-at-home order in place for the coronavirus pandemic likely kept people out of danger.

“Honestly, that sort of helped us to keep everyone out,” Robinson said. “A lot of times we have some small restaurants downtown here and folks would be in those under normal circumstances. Luckily, because of the virus everyone was gone. Honestly, that’s sort of a blessing.”

People are asked to stay away from the area.

Les Duncan, owner of a local tattoo shop called “Tattooligans,” said his business sustained slight damage. He’s concerned about some of the other businesses that were hit harder.

“Some of my neighbors have some pretty heavy damage,” Duncan said. “We’re just hoping everyone pulls through.”

The storm and pandemic are a tough one-two punch for area businesses.

“We’re all hurting right now, all of us here. First, we’re dealing with the pandemic and now we’re dealing with this. We are facing a lot…there are a lot of businesses out there facing that right now,” he said.

“Everybody keep us in your thoughts and prayers,” Duncan said. “I think it’s time for everyone to pull together and start building your communities back up. Stay strong.”